Institutional Research & 评估

Collegiate Learning 评估 (班)

Augustana University is one of a consortium of higher-ed institutions that use the Collegiate Learning 评估 (班) 仪器, a website-administered evaluation tool for learning more about the cognitive growth of students. The nationwide list of participating institutions.

Council for 援助 to Education (CAE), the 班 is comprised of "essay-type" questions designed to assess critical thinking, 分析推理, problem solving and written communication. The goal of the 班 仪器 is not to measure changes in individual students, but rather to learn more about programmatic features that correlate with "institutional effects" associated with larger than expected gains in students' analytical reasoning, critical thinking and writing skills. 劳委会 provides one of the first "value-added" measures that can reliably compare institutional contributions to student learning.